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We are in the Le Pacte des Loupes alliance.

You can find us prowling all three realms on the co-operative server Gaheris.

Welcome everyone to the new website for the Arlequins!

We intend to use this forum for discussing topics
related to our guild members and DAoC.
Our aim is to make this a collaborative forum,
and that it will be driven by the entire guild!

We want to hear from you and we value your experience!

Latest News

Arlequins playing other games?

Tataurmino, Mar 9, 10 8:40 PM.
Dearest Arlequins,

I was hoping to continue the Arlequin legacy onto LotRO.  I have been with Lord of the Rings for almost 2 years now, but constantly think about the people back in DAoC.  I've logged in a few times but see none of the old familiar faces.  So I hope this reaches everyone!

If you're interested, Lord of the Rings Online has a free 10-day trial. The game is absolutely stunning and follows the detailed lore from the books.  It's always being updated and there are millions of players.  So I hope that you all will join me!

If you join, you'll find me as Darana or Darwyen on the Brandywine server.

If nothing else, please send me an email at and let me know how you are doing!

I am also on Yahoo as Darwyen.

Take Care!

- Kerri & Doug

Template Organization

Irituck, Jun 22, 08 8:13 PM.
Hey guys,

I'm currently working on better organizing our templates. Those of you who are super admins will see a link to a templates page on the left. Once I get all the links done, I'll open this up to everyone.

I'm still working on organizing all the templates. This could take some time, but I think it'll be less confusing and easier to look through all the great templates our guild members have made.

~ Adric


Bonaldo, Dec 31, 07 7:38 PM.
Our guild vaults are for the pleasure of all our guild members.  If you leave an item or items in a vault it will be evaluated and used in the best advantage of the guild. Sometimes that means leaving it in the vault for others to use and sometimes an item may be salvaged or sold by guild officers to provide space in the vault and/or funds for our guild bank.  If you need an item or items to enhance the performance of one of your toons please feel free to take what you need.  However, the guild vault items are not for our members to sell or salvage for their own funds or crafting.  Please be mindful of the needs of all guild members when using our guild vaults so we can keep them open and accessible to all guild members.

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